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Silver Ghost Minnows + Hardware
Silver Ghost Minnows + Hardware
Silver Ghost Minnows + Hardware

Silver Ghost Minnows + Hardware

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Silver Ghost: Some colors can disappear underwater simply because of how light gets absorbed as it hits the water surface. That’s why the “SILVER SHINER” minnow is so crucial to your success because it picks up and radiates light in water attracting fish from every direction. Predator fish especially Bass are drawn into shimmer and flashes of light because it acts as an attractant. When fish are lured in, they are extremely active and aggressive which means your chances of being chased down and bit increase significantly. The “SILVER SHINER” is extremely effective in all conditions and is why it’s the perfect color pattern to round out your banjo fish catching arsenal.
  • LIFELIKE ACTION: A specially formulated "living plastic" creates the exact spastic action of an injured or dying minnow when swimming through water. An action that mimics nature and makes fish bite even when they are not hungry!
  • HOLOGRAPHIC EYES: The pearly sparkle and colorful radiance of the lifelike eyes catches the sun at every angle to lure in big fish from a distance.
  • REALISTIC SCALES & GILLS: Every time the Banjo Minnow twitches and swims, the scales shimmer and sparkle attracting fish, and when up close the realistic gills cuts are so lifelike, they entice fish to bite.
  • BLUNTED NOSE: This new design creates an easy insertion point for the nose anchor that holds the minnow securely when casting and during strikes. It also creates the ultimate lifelike action where the entire minnow swims and flutters with absolute random lifelike action.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: This kit comes with 3 different sizes. Each color has (1) 5 ½ inch minnow, (3) 4 ½ inch Minnows and (2) 3 inch minnows.

The Banjo Minnow Hardware Kit includes:

  • (6) Banjo Hooks in 3 different sizes
  • (12) Minnow Nose Anchors
  • (24) Rubber Weed Guards
  • (12) O-Rings