How the Original Banjo Minnow Created a Fishing Revolution

Back In the 1990s, Wayne Hockmeyer began a relentless pursuit to create a highly effective fishing lure.

Wayne was a dedicated fisherman and guide, but he was tired of relying on luck and finishing at the back of the pack during tournaments. He noticed that the lures everyone used didn’t move like live bait. Predator fish love to chase baitfish that look hurt because they’re easy to catch, but the lures just weren't doing that.

Wayne set out to fix this.

He created the original Banjo Minnow by removing the rigid spine of the lure and attaching the hook to the nose. This made the lure more flexible enabling the lifelike motion of a real minnow.

It was a hit! 

By using his new design, Wayne started placing 1st in fishing tournaments and winning cash prizes of up to $10,000! This breakthrough was the start of something big—a new way to fish that was all about strategy, not luck.

Founded by Passion and Innovation

After perfecting his prototype through many tests and tweaks, Wayne saw the bigger picture. His Banjo Minnow wasn't just a personal victory, it could change fishing for everyone. 

Motivated by this vision, Wayne used his tournament winnings to share his invention with anglers everywhere, hoping to bring them the same excitement and success.

This vision quickly turned into a reality. 

A company was born, fueled by a mission to revolutionize fishing with innovative lure designs. 

The original Banjo Minnow stood out as a beacon of achievement, gaining popularity with anglers, young and old. It transformed challenging fishing days into stories of triumph, proving that with the right approach, anyone could catch the “big one”!

Carrying Forward the Legacy of Banjo Minnow

Today, Ken Kerry continues Wayne Hockmeyer's legacy, bringing back the magic of the original Banjo Minnow to a new generation of anglers. 

Here’s a personal message from Ken:

Hello Fellow Anglers,

My passion for fishing and this company runs deep, me and Wayne go way back and when he originally showed me his incredible invention, I was hooked!

I’ve had the honor of taking over what he started. There's something truly magnificent about the moment a big one strikes—the culmination of skill, patience, and the right gear. 

That’s what I want you and your family to experience.

At Banjo Minnow we are committed to the EXCITEMENT of the catch. My mission is to continue this legacy by sharing the insights and innovations that have made our lures a staple in tackle boxes across the globe.

Here's to many more unforgettable catches,

Ken Kerry

The Banjo Minnow Promise

At Banjo Minnow, we stand for bringing family together. We are dedicated to introducing the innovation that Wayne started to a whole new generation, disconnected from the digital world.

Our mission is to equip you with the confidence to outsmart the fish, making every moment on the water count.

Here's to the next catch, the next story, and the next adventure…

Welcome to the Banjo Minnow family!