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The Banjo Minnow Story

Banjo Minnow is a trailblazing brand in the fishing industry, founded by Wayne Hockmeyer, a dedicated tournament fisherman and guide. Hockmeyer's relentless pursuit of a highly effective lure led to the creation of the Banjo Minnow, the world's first genetic response fishing lure. Its revolutionary hooking system, set at the nose, allows the lure to swim freely and replicate the lifelike motion of live bait fish, attracting fish even when they are not hungry.

The Banjo Minnow's exceptional performance is attributed to its proprietary material blend called "living plastic." This flexible and durable material enables the lure to exhibit lifelike movements such as zigzagging, jumping, and diving, mimicking the frantic swimming of live bait fish. Designed to catch various species of fish in freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds, Banjo Minnow surpasses traditional lures by offering a lifelike action that triggers a genetic response in fish, making them more likely to bite.

Banjo Minnow has garnered a dedicated following among anglers of all skill levels and ages, transforming frustrating fishing trips into successful ventures. With a commitment to constant innovation and expansion, Banjo Minnow continues to push the boundaries of lure design, setting new industry standards. Their unwavering focus on providing anglers with lifelike and effective lures solidifies their position as a leading brand in the fishing market.