The Only Fishing Lure Genetically Designed To

Catch More Fish!

Trusted by Fishermen Everywhere, Over 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide

What If The Fish Came To You?

Your time on the water shouldn’t be spent worrying about if you’ll catch something. Ditch the discouragement and self-doubt. Turn off your mind and relax. 

With the Banjo Minnow, you can sit back, and let your fishing lure do the work.

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A Soft Plastic Lure

You Can Rely On

Ditch the Gimmicks, Here’s the Science

The Banjo Minnow stands out from conventional lures with its groundbreaking genetic response design. It emulates the erratic movements of wounded baitfish.

Through meticulous research and design, we've engineered a lure that not only moves sporadically but also mimics the vulnerable, spastic actions of dying minnows.

This precise imitation triggers a primal response from predator fish: The genetic impulse to attack and consume.

Predator Fish Can’t Help But Bite

Each Banjo Minnow is designed to mimic nature simulating real-life prey, swimming with random zigs, zags, jumps, and dives.

Whether you're fishing in calm freshwater or facing the unpredictability of choppy salt water, the lure adapts. Fluttering and swimming with randomness, you’ll be able to catch any fish. (Bass, Trout, Salmon, Pike, Muskie, Crappie, Snook, Redfish, Tuna, you name it!)

This versatility maximizes your chances of a successful catch by appealing to the hunting instincts of predatory fish.

“If you let me pick 5 lures from my tackle box, Banjo Minnow is the first one I’m grabbing”

- Tom Dobbs

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Optimize Your Fishing Trips for Success

By integrating the unique genetic response design with an understanding of fish behavior, the Banjo Minnow provides an unmatched fishing advantage. Curious to see it in action? Discover how you can rig and fish with this one-of-a-kind lure.

Tailored for Every Type Of Angler

Easy Entry to Catching Fish

The Banjo Minnow's intuitive design allows for effortless catches. 

The best fishing lure for beginners. 

Equip yourself, a friend or a young one with the confidence to catch fish after fish.

Refine Your Skills

Enhance your growing skills with the power of versatility. 

Banjo Minnow is ideal for mastering different EZ to learn techniques  

You’ll make impressive catches wherever you go.

Maximize Your Time

With quick setup and easy use, the Banjo Minnow ensures your time is always rewarding. 

Fit in a fishing trip any day of the week.  

Making every moment on the water count with memorable catches.

Enhance Your Competitive Edge

Gain a strategic advantage with the Banjo Minnow.

Genetic response design will provoke aggressive strikes from large predatory fish. 

Top the leaderboards and win prizes or simply outfish your friends.

The Legendary Fishing Lure From The 90s Returns In Its Original Form

Born in the 1990s from Wayne Hockmeyer's vision, the Banjo Minnow turned fishing tournaments on their head. Discover how innovation and a passion for fishing led to the creation of a lure that caught the world by storm.

Here's What New Banjo Minnow Customers Have To say

  • Catch more fish effortlessly with genetic response design
  • Experience the versatility to fish in any water condition
  • Made with durable materials that can withstand repeated use
  • Simple to use for beginners, advanced techniques for experts
  • Trusted by over two million anglers worldwide
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for confident fishing