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  • Creates a lifelike illusion of a wounded, dying minnow: Trick even the wisest fish to take a bite with zings, zags, jumps and dives!
  • Patent Pending Hooking System: Our sure-catch nose anchor hook is only available on the Banjo Minnow!
  • Triggers Fish Instincts: Movement that fish instinctively attack. You'll catch fish even when they aren't hungry!
  • Works Worldwide: Catches virtually all fresh & saltwater species


Born in the 1990s from Wayne Hockmeyer's vision, the Banjo Minnow turned fishing tournaments on their head. Discover how innovation and a passion for fishing led to the creation of a lure that can catch fish, even when they’re not hungry!

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Banjo Minnow is the world's only genetic response fishing lure

It's specifically designed to trigger a genetic response in predator fish, making them instinctively attack and eat their prey. A fishing lure that zigs, zags, jumps and dives in all directions while swimming & fluttering with absolute random action. The Banjo Minnow's ability to perfectly mimic that spastic action of a wounded, dying minnow creates an illusion so life like that it triggers a genetic response and compels fish to bite even if they are not hungry.

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Curious to see the Banjo Minnow in action? Learn how to rig and fish with this one-of-a-kind lure, and see how its design makes it irresistibly effective to predator fish.

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“I couldn't believe the lure worked so effectively...I was blown away!”

Ron Ramirez

“The appearance of the minnow is so lifelike, I don't think these fish can help themselves”

Chino Nadal

"If you let me pick 5 lures from my tackle box, Banjo Minnow is the first one I'm grabbing"

Tom Dobbs

"It's durable, it won't rip on you"

James Swearingen

“It literally is the best fishing lure ever!”

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James Vouk

“My friend used the Banjo Minnow and out-fished me, now I own Banjo Minnows”

Real Banjo User

“This bait is unbelievable!”

Carl Harris

“Every person I've ever fished with, I've out-fished with the Banjo Minnow”

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James Vouk

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